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Asset Management

Marklyn Management Ltd. provides a team of dedicated specialists who hold the appropriate professional designation combined with the required experience to achieve the maximum return on investment value.


The Asset division is responsible for developing and executing comprehensive business plans for each specific property within it’s portfolio.  Our objective is to maximize your investment returns, through measurable results while mitigating risk.

Service includes property management oversight, strategic investments planning and implementation, cost control, capital improvements, and revenue stabilization plans.


Construction and Development

Marklyn Management Ltd. remains involved in all levels of construction and land development from pre-construction and planning to post-construction and occupancy.


From the ground up, our management team coordinates and oversees zoning application approvals, concept and design, layout, planning, architectural plans, working drawings, specifications, building permits, cost estimating, budgeting, project management, contracting, site supervision, construction and land development.

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